Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Masters Fine Art Exhibition and Sale

The Second Annual American Masters Fine Art Exhibition and Sale opened today at the Salmagundi Club in New York City.  Over one hundred pieces of representational art by nearly four dozen of today's foremost artists will be offered for sale during this sale benefitting the Salmagundi Club.  

The sale itself begins on Friday, May 1st, through a ballot process in which prospective buyers purchase the opportunity to bid on the paintings, and then submit tickets for the paintings in which they are interested.  After a random drawing, the winner may then purchase the piece of work for which they had expressed an "intent to purchase."  Paintings not sold during this registered sale will be available for purchase by the general public beginning Saturday.

The artists participating include several on which I've already written posts, including Scott Christensen, Dennis Doheny (this year's California Art Club winner for Best Landscape), and David Kassan (this year's First Place winner at the Portrait Society of America's International Portrait Competition).  Richard Schmid, Clyde Aspevig, Bill Anton, Sarah Lamb, David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, and Matt Smith are some of the other artists participating.  (to see the full list, click here).

The show runs from April 29 - May 7th, and is open to the public from 12:00-6:00 PM daily. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2009 California Art Club Gold Medal Winners

This year's Gold Medalist for Painting is Daniel Pinkham for his work, Enlightened, 44"x38"

The Gold Medal for Sculpture went to Aldo Cassanova for Sky Emblem.

Dennis Doheny took the edgar Payne Award for Best Landscape for his piece Opalescence, 24"x24".

And A Day at Silk Road, 48"x72" by Jove Wang won the Guy Rose Award for Best Multi-Figural Composition.

Congratulations to all.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

And the Winners Are...

The official award winners of the 2009 International Portrait Competition are:
  1. Grand Prize -  Joseph Todorovitch
  2. Best in Show -  Amy Kann
  3. First Place - David Kassan
  4. Second Place -  Susan Lyon
  5. First Honors - Casey Baugh
  6. People's Choice - Casey Baugh and Robert Semans

Congratulations to all!

Online Polling Results

According to the popular vote online, David Kassan should be the people's choice winner at this year's convention.

If were to assume that each of the 5 top spots was based on popular vote, then the awards would be as follows:

  1. Grand Prize - David Kassan
  2. Best in Show - Jeremy Lipking
  3. First Place - Casey Baugh
  4. Second Place - Joseph Todorovitch
  5. Top Honors - TIE  Tony Pro & Lea Wight

I'll let you know tonight who the judges picked!

Face-Off Paintings: PSA 2009

Judith Carducci

Anthony J. Ryder

Robert Liberace

Scott Burdick

Paul Newton

Chris Saper

Ying-He Liu

Laurel Boeck

Ann Mary Kenyon

Thomas Nash

Rich Nelson

Vasudeo Kamath

Jason Bouldin

Dawn Whitelaw

Wendy Caporale

Ray Kinstler's Brush with History: PSA 2009

More PSA Shots

David Kassan doing drawing demonstration in vendor's area.

Robert Liberace painting demo in 3 colors:  pthalo green, alizarin crimson, and cadmium yellow (plus flake and titanium white)

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Few Shots from the PSA

Clockwise from person with back to viewer:
Joseph Todorovitch, Virgil Elliott, David Kassan, Tony Pro, Jeremy Lipking, and Juan Martinez

Scott Burdick speaking about the value of drawing

PSA 2009: Thursday Night Head-to-Head Paint-Off

On the first night of the conference, 15 top artists painted simultaneously in the main conference room.

2009 Portrait Society of America Finalists

Each year, the Portrait Society of America hosts an international portrait competition at its annual conference.  Of the many submissions, the judges winnow the field down to the top fifteen paintings, which are then voted upon by the attendees of the conference.  The final fifteen for the 2009 Art of the Portrait Conference are listed below.  

Before the medal winners are announced at the Gala Award Banquet scheduled for Saturday evening, April 25, I'd like to hear for whom you'd vote, and compare your choices to those made by the members attending the conference.  The award categories for the show, in descending order, are the William F. Draper Grand Prize, Best in Show, First Place, Second Place, and First Honors (the top Honor Award winner).

The poll can be found in the sidebar to the left of this post.

Casey Baugh  Allure

Amy Kann  Self Portrait in Field of Birch

David Kassan  My Aunt Dale

Jeremy Lipking  David Tanner

Wenquan Liu  Relax

Susan Lyon  Amusement

Tim Norman  Francesca

Tony Pro  Sassy

Sylvia Pydych  The War

Robert K. Semans  Portrait of a Gentleman

Lea Colie Wight  Waiting

Jian Wu  Asami in Chinese Dress