Sunday, November 21, 2010

Auction Preview: Sotheby's London

Pescador, Valencia
Joaquín Sorolla

Pescador, Valencia (detail)
Joaquín Sorolla

Sotheby's catch-all sale, 19th Century European Paintings Including Spanish Painting, The Orientalist Sale, and German, Austrian, Scandinavian, and Symbolist Works, is currently in previews at the auction house's New Bond Street location in London.  If, like me, you cannot visit the showroom in the next three days, then be sure to check out the online catalog, where you can get some nice detail images of the 214 works up for bid.  Of particular note in this auction are several nice pieces by Anders Zorn and Joaquín Sorolla, but there are also several other interesting paintings by lesser-known artists which are definitely worth examining.

Girl with a Rose
Gustave De Jonghe

Before the Performance
Enrique Miralles

Gerhard Munthe

Jeune Fille Regardant un Tableau de Fragonard
Fernand Toussaint

La Meditation
Anatole Vely

The Barber
Frederick Arthur Bridgman

Drinking from the Fountain
José Moreno Carbonero

Wooded Landscape
Carl Schuch

The Bridge of Sighs
Antonietta Brandeis

Terrace in Játiva, Valencia
Santiago Rusiñol

The Carob Tree
Joaquín Sorolla

Peder Mønsted

The Akerselven River in the Snow
Frtis Thaulow

Still Life with Chinese Vase and Fan
M. Püttner

Bodegon de Rosas Blancas
Joaquín Sorolla

On the Beach
Charles Atamian

Playing on the Beach
Charles Atamian

In the Garden
Emile Claus

Femme au Narguile
Fernand Cormon

La Lettre
Delphin Enjolras

Jeune Fille Rousse Nourrissant des Cygnes
Edgar Maxence

La Leçon de Piano
Firmin Baes

Attributed to Charles Chaplin

La Bella Veneziana
Eugen Von Blaas

Her New Shoes
Raimundo de Madrazo y Garretta

Una Ragazzo
Antonio Mancini

Anders Zorn

Mrs. Weguelin and her Son
Anders Zorn

Previews continue today, Sunday November 21, from 12 PM to 5 PM, and run from 9 AM until 4:30 PM on Monday the 22nd.  On Tuesday, the day of the sale, the lots are available for viewing from 9 AM until noon, with the actual bidding taking place at 2:30 PM.  Bidding can also be done online.

Niños en la Playa
Joaquín Sorolla

Nu Allonge sur une Peau d'Ours
Paul Sieffert


Helen Ström said...

Oh!! Now, I would like to have a fortune, so I would be sure to get a Sorolla!!! Thank you for sharing this. Makes me dream!

Susan Roux said...

What a wonderful selection of paintings! I truly enjoyed...

Ed Terpening said...

I'd love to see this. I attend our local auctions also, it's a great way to see work that's otherwise in private collections.

Arborescence said...

Oh my! I love your blog because you share such beauty with the world.

Your blog is good for my soul!!

Nicky said...

What a treat! Thank you for showing these.

Sophie said...

thanks also for the link to Sotheby’s. I enjoyed looking and studying the close-ups.

tinoradman said...

Speaking of Sotheby's: as you probably know, after years of stagnation, they finally decided to update its internet presence, several months ago. The re-do offered an improved zoom feature which allowed viewer to see large, quality photos of the works at auctions.
However, the good things, as always, did not last too long. Several weeks ago, they started to reduce the quality of uploaded images.
I can't believe the Sotheby's do not have funds to purchase enough storage space, since they decided to edit images using low quality settings (obviously in order to reduce the size of the files) with visible pixelation even at 60% of magnification, let alone at maximum zoom. I understand cost saving measures and this practice makes sense when it comes to everything else Sotheby's sells (furniture sales, maps, wines, jewelry etc), but the high quality images are essential when it comes to paintings.
Few days ago I sent them a mail regarding this, only to receive generic, copy/pasted response written in a way which indicated that they did not care to read the mail at all.

Nick, Sweden said...

Zorn's Freya is reported stolen. Auction for that is cancelled.

Broad Paul said...

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