Sunday, November 7, 2010

Update on New Book from Dan Gerhartz

If I could instill one point in aspiring artists, it would be to paint from life whenever 
possible. I don’t care how many mosquitoes there are or how strong the wind is, how much junk you have to haul outside or how the light is blinding your eyes. Face it—the whole operation is quite inconvenient, but it is always worth the effort. It will pay dividends that you cannot quantify. When you stand before the magnificence of light bouncing off the subject, when you allow yourself to be wholly in awe of the creation before you and the Creator whose word spoke it into being, you cannot help but be supremely moved. It is this stirring of your soul which then works itself into your work. This response cannot be manufactured by standing in front of a computer monitor or photograph. 
~ Dan Gerhartz, Not Far from Home

Dan Gerhartz's new book of paintings, Not Far from Home is being printed this month, and is scheduled to ship in early December - just in time for a Christmas delivery.  It features 128 paintings spread over 176 pages, including 11 detail images for a close-up examination of Gerhartz's brush technique.  Also contained within the book are 5 studies, and a step-by-step demonstration, all in a 12" x 11" harbound format.  Artist Angela Sekerak has provided Gerhartz's biography, and Richard Schmid has written the introduction.  The book can be ordered directly from the publisher, Liliedahl Enterprises for $85 (+s/h).  I for one cannot wait to see this book!

Dream Lake, 30" x 60"

A Moment to Reminisce, 36" x 48"

A Moment to Reminisce (detail)


Bonnie Heather said...

Your work is awesome. Thanks for posting it.

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Just fabulous.

Susan Roux said...

Such beautiful work!