Saturday, November 27, 2010

Free Online iPad Demo from David Kassan

An unfinished iPad sketch by David Kassan using the application, ArtRage

On November 28th, Brooklyn-based artist David Kassan will be offering another free, streaming broadcast demonstration of his incredible iPad 'painting' skills.  Though primarily known for his figurative oil paintings, Kassan has earned international recognition for the sketches he has created on Apple's iPad.  His first demonstration, which featured the application Brushes, streamed shortly after the iPad's release;  when it was uploaded to Youtube, it went viral, and soon thereafter, Kassan's iPad art was profiled in news stories worldwide including interviews with Kassan on ABC and MSNBC.

In tomorrow's broadcast from Los Angeles, Kassan will be doing an iPad sketch of fellow-artist, Tony Pro, using the application ArtRage (an unfinished example of what Kassan can do with ArtRage can be seen at the top of this post).  The 4 hour-long (approximately) webcast will begin Sunday at 2:00 PM EST (11:00 AM PST).  For more information on the demonstration, including the link to the free feed, visit Kassan's webcast page.

Sketch by Kassan from a previous webcast

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trailer for Daniel Gerhartz's New Book

Artist and multimedia guru Tony Pro recently released a promotional trailer for Not far from Home, the new book from Daniel Gerhartz.  With this video, Pro provides his friend Gerhartz with the opportunity to explain, in his own words, his intentions behind his new release and what readers can expect to find in this first volume of his magnificent paintings.  Not far from Home begins shipping next month.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Auction Preview: Sotheby's NYC

September Afternoon
N.C. Wyeth

Beginning Saturday November 27th, Sotheby's auction house in New York City will be holding previews for their sale of American Paintings, Drawings, & Sculpture.  Viewing times are from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM from the 27th through the 30th, and from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM on December 1st, the day of bidding.  With proper timing, visitors can also catch Christie's auction of Important American Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture at Rockefeller Center on the same day.

Girl with Sailboat
Edmund Tarbell

River Scene
Frank W. Benson

Rosenlaui Heights
Edgar Payne

The Great Spirit
William Robinson Leigh

The Kachina Painter
Eanger Irving Couse

Portrait of a Woman
Frederick Arthur Bridgman

Portrait of Mrs. J.R. Williams
Nicolai Fechin

Lady with a Parrot
Julius Leblanc Stewart

Snow.  January, Southerly Wind, Cloudy Sky and Sunlight.
John La Farge

Nocturnal Winter Landscape
George William Sotter

Alfred Thompson Bricher

Head of a Girl
Frank Duveneck

Head of a Girl (detail)
Frank Duveneck

Mrs. William Shaw Ward
Thomas Eakins

Tea Time
Henry Salem Hubbell

Young Woman Reading
Gari Melchers

The Little Philosopher
Childe Hassam

Dressed for School
Stephen Scott Young

Montlery sur Long
Will Hicok Low

Alice, Lady Lowther (neé Blight)
John Singer Sargent

Portrait of Eugenia Errázuriz
John Singer Sargent

The Fighting Gillises
Norman Rockwell

Seated Woman
Maxfield Parrish

In the Sun
Theodore Robinson


Monday, November 22, 2010

Casey Baugh: Évoquer


Casey Baugh's first solo show with Wendt Gallery NYC will run from December 7, 2010, through January 4, 2011, with an opening reception December 9th, from 6-8 PM.


The Frank J. Reilly Papers

Photo of John Ennis by Kyle Cassidy

Pennsylvanian portraitist John Ennis has recently been made custodian of a collection of documents rightfully considered to be a national art treasure.  The nine boxes currently in his charge contain the hand-written teaching notes of Frank J. Reilly, one of the most influential American art teachers of the twentieth century.  Though several institutions have expressed interest in the papers, they indicated that the thousands of pages of notes, should they even be kept intact, would be archived and not readily available to the public.  Ennis, as a member of the Reilly lineage, decided it would be better to freely share these lessons rather than have them officially preserved, but locked away from posterity.

Illustration by Frank Reilly

Although Reilly was an eminent illustrator in his day, it was as a teacher that he was truly exemplary.  The meticulous and logical approach to the craft of painting which Reilly conceived, was influenced by the teachings of the French Académie, and his curriculum proved its effectiveness with astounding consistency.  Students who were able to gain entrance to his highly popular classes were often assured of a successful career, and the list of those pupils provides a veritable "Who's Who" of American art over the past six decades.  Painters who benefitted from Reilly's tutelage directly, or through lessons passed down through his students, include James Bama, Clark Hulings, Robert Schulz, Gerald Allison, Ronnie Lesser, Jack Faragasso, Robert Maguire, Robert Berran, Leonard Starr, Ted Seth Jacobs, Michael Aviano, Apollo Dorian, Doug Higgins, Frank Covino, Morgan Weistling, Fred Fixler, John Asaro, Marvin Mattelson, Shawn Zents, Glen Orbik, Jeffrey Watts, Anthony Ryder, Jacob Collins, Michael Grimaldi, Graydon Parrish, Jeremy Lipking, and many, many more.

"I can teach you the nuts and bolts, but I can't teach you to be creative.  If you are creative,
 you will be able to put these nuts and bolts to work."  -  Frank J. Reilly

The Reilly Papers, Ennis' new blog, will focus on Frank Reilly's system of painting as outlined by the teacher himself.  Alongside each hand-written tutorial posted, Ennis, who was mentored by Jerry Allison, and who was also a student of Schulz, Aviano, and Faragasso, will offer his own explanation of Reilly's notes to help illuminate the thoughts behind each lesson.  This will offer a more direct analysis of Reilly's original method of painting, as it has been unavoidable that his progeny have all taught their own variations of the system based upon personal tastes and their own interpretations.

A sample of Reilly's hand-written teaching notes

Ennis is earnest in his desire to electronically share these documents with artists worldwide, but he knows the web log will be a time-consuming endeavor.  He is afraid that his effort is selfish, and that these notes are of interest only to himself.  If this is a project you would like to see him continue, then please visit The Reilly Papers, and show John Ennis your support.



The Reilly Papers
Frank Reilly:  Revolutionary Teacher by Kent Steine (American Art Archives)
Frank Reilly "Could Teach a Wooden Indian to Paint" by Leif Peng
Leif Peng's Frank Reilly Flickr set
Frank Reilly on Wikipedia
Marvin Mattelson
Frank Vincent DuMond
Photographer Kyle Cassidy


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Auction Preview: Sotheby's London

Pescador, Valencia
Joaquín Sorolla

Pescador, Valencia (detail)
Joaquín Sorolla

Sotheby's catch-all sale, 19th Century European Paintings Including Spanish Painting, The Orientalist Sale, and German, Austrian, Scandinavian, and Symbolist Works, is currently in previews at the auction house's New Bond Street location in London.  If, like me, you cannot visit the showroom in the next three days, then be sure to check out the online catalog, where you can get some nice detail images of the 214 works up for bid.  Of particular note in this auction are several nice pieces by Anders Zorn and Joaquín Sorolla, but there are also several other interesting paintings by lesser-known artists which are definitely worth examining.

Girl with a Rose
Gustave De Jonghe

Before the Performance
Enrique Miralles

Gerhard Munthe

Jeune Fille Regardant un Tableau de Fragonard
Fernand Toussaint

La Meditation
Anatole Vely

The Barber
Frederick Arthur Bridgman

Drinking from the Fountain
José Moreno Carbonero

Wooded Landscape
Carl Schuch

The Bridge of Sighs
Antonietta Brandeis

Terrace in Játiva, Valencia
Santiago Rusiñol

The Carob Tree
Joaquín Sorolla

Peder Mønsted

The Akerselven River in the Snow
Frtis Thaulow

Still Life with Chinese Vase and Fan
M. Püttner

Bodegon de Rosas Blancas
Joaquín Sorolla

On the Beach
Charles Atamian

Playing on the Beach
Charles Atamian

In the Garden
Emile Claus

Femme au Narguile
Fernand Cormon

La Lettre
Delphin Enjolras

Jeune Fille Rousse Nourrissant des Cygnes
Edgar Maxence

La Leçon de Piano
Firmin Baes

Attributed to Charles Chaplin

La Bella Veneziana
Eugen Von Blaas

Her New Shoes
Raimundo de Madrazo y Garretta

Una Ragazzo
Antonio Mancini

Anders Zorn

Mrs. Weguelin and her Son
Anders Zorn

Previews continue today, Sunday November 21, from 12 PM to 5 PM, and run from 9 AM until 4:30 PM on Monday the 22nd.  On Tuesday, the day of the sale, the lots are available for viewing from 9 AM until noon, with the actual bidding taking place at 2:30 PM.  Bidding can also be done online.

Niños en la Playa
Joaquín Sorolla

Nu Allonge sur une Peau d'Ours
Paul Sieffert