Friday, May 18, 2012

PSoA Certificate of Excellence: Tony Pro

Tony Pro
il comico divina
40 X 30 in.
oil on linen

Tony Pro began painting seriously in the late 1990s, though it might seem that art was always his destiny:  His father Julio is an award-winning wildlife artist and older brother Greg is a professional illustrator.  Working almost exclusively in oils, pro specializes in portraits, landscapes, and still lives.  He likes to paint subjects directly, using as much natural light as possible, rather than copying from photos.  "You get a better result," he says.  "Even some of the best cameras cannot accurately represent certain colors in the shadow."

But more than just producing a good likeness, Pro believes his role is to capture a person's spirit.  That's why he likes to spend time with his subjects who generally sit for about six hours, usually in two three-hour sessions.  "It's very difficult to translate the personality if you don't know the person," he says.¹

More examples of Tony Pro's artwork can be seen at his website,

¹excerpt from 805 Living Magazine, June 2010.

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