Monday, May 21, 2012

PSoA Certificate of Excellence: Vladimir Kirillov

Vladimir Kirillov
35 X 26 in.
oil on canvas

Muscovite Vladimir Nikolaevich Kirillov was born in 1980.  In 2002, he was graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical University of Krupsky, and joined the Creative Union of Russian Artists in 2003.

More examples of Kirillov's work can be seen at the ArtNow Gallery.

A Day in Winter
48 X 48 cm

Nikolay Chudotvortsa's Church on Bolvanovke
35.5 X 43 cm

20 X 30 cm

38 X 54 cm
oil on canvas

92.5 X 65.5 cm
oil on canvas

120 X 80 cm
oil on canvas


Belita William said...

That's what I'm saying.. Artists like this get passed over from a more deserving Awards while "Mediocre" works get top awards.... Ridiculous competition!!!

innisart said...

I happen to like Kirillov's work a lot, but just because I or you like it, doesn't mean it should do well in this or any competition. So if you and I were judges in a competition, he might do well, and then other people would shout that Kirillov's work isn't as good as that of Artist X, and that the competition is stupid.

If you are looking for a competition without any subjective opinion, you are deluded. What you are saying about Kirillov's work, and that of the artists who have made it into the finals, boils down to your own personal opinion. The judges have theirs; you have yours. There is only so much agreement among people about individual works of art. Get over it, or create your own competition where you can reward the works you like.