Thursday, July 5, 2012

Winners of the 2011-12 ARC Salon

Thomas Reis
19 X 12 in.
oil on canvas

The winners of this year's International Salon hosted by the Art Renewal Center were recently announced on the ARC website.  There were over 2,100 entries for this year's competition, and the works were of such high quality, that the judging committee was unable to narrow the original group of finalists to the 300 or so they expected, and instead extended the group of finalists to just over 500 of the submissions.  Those few who were chosen to receive awards deserve to be quite proud of their accomplishment.  Congratulations to all of the artists who participated!

Please visit the ARC website for the complete list of awards and winners.

Nancy Guzik
Spring Teacups
30 X 24 in.

Alicia Ponzio
The Lingering Shadows
24 X 28 X 12 in.
stained plaster on wood base

Michael Malm
Green Pastures
30 X 40 in.
oil on canvas

Greg Mortenson
Angel in Gethsemane
50 X 40 in.
oil on linen

Kate Sammons
Self-Portrait in Studio
10 X 8 in.
charcoal on paper

Jason Sacran
Night Lights
30 X 24 in.

Arantza Sestayo
20.3 X 15.6 in.

Mark Haworth
Red and Green Duet
16 X 20 in.

Daniel Gerhartz
40 X 60 in.
oil on linen

Peter Fiore
The Chapel
48 X 96 in.
oil on panel

Henry Wingate
30 X 25 in.
oil on canvas

Keewon Hong
Malibu State Park Eucalyptus
40 X 67 in.
oil on canvas

Thomas Kegler
Passing Front : Proverbs 16:20
32 X 24 in.
oil on linen

Kate Stone
Lucie and the Wind
20 X 16 in.
oil on linen

Denise LaRue Mahlke
Summer Idyll
9 X 12 in.

Han Wu Shen
Gate of Authority
39.37 X 35.43 in.
oil on canvas

Joel Carson Jones
More Than You Can Chew
24 X 20 in.

Evan Wilson
40 X 50 in.
oil on canvas

Costanza Papa'sogli tacca
Metal and Onions
19.68 X 23.62 in.
oil o canvas

Julio Reyes
41 X 21 in.
oil on linen

Ed Caldie
Tickets to Swan Lake
18 X 18 in.
oil on canvas

Angela Cunningham
Safe Keeping
15 X 11 in.

Sam Burley
Keeper of Cascade
24 X 36 in.
oil on hardboard

Donato Giancola
Robinson Crusoe
48 X 36 in.
oil on panel

Nancy Guzik
16 X 12 in.

David Gluck
20 X 12 in.
oil on linen

Takuma Kaneko
A Tree
22 X 18 in. (?)
oil on canvas

Duffy Sheridan
"Whereupon the Maid of Heaven
looked out of her Exalted Chamber"

58 X 30 in.
oil on linen

Negar Neisari
Sincere Scrawls
35.4 X 23.6 in.
oil on canvas

Richard Luschek
A Monster Attacks at Breakfast
22 X 26 in.
oil on linen

Arantzazu Martinez
64 X 38 in.
oil on linen


Judy P. said...

Such variation of style and technique, but all equally impressive! Reminds you not only to keep improving, but that you really must find your own calligraphy.

Ron Anger said...

Absolutely stunning work!
Congrats to the winners!